Courier services we provide


We provide Light to medium size courier services for:

-Law offices that needs important documents delivered same day

-Medical supplies

-Restaurants that need supplies delivered to their other locations

-Food and Catering deliveries to customers or events

-Any business to business deliveries same day

-Any individual deliveries from your home

-We also do repeat deliveries

*These are examples of what we can do, if you have questions regarding our services, please email us at: or use our contact us form

How it works:

You will use our booking form, and after it has been submitted it will go to our 3rd party dispatching application. Our drivers will be notify to accept the incoming job, and you as the customer will be notify when our driver will be there for pickup and delivery. You will be receiving these notifications on your phone in a SMS text message. 

Its so simple, just like you order your food through apps like Grub hub or Door Dash. 


Pricing varies and it is based on: 

Delivery Fee 

Small pickup fee  

Small drop off fee

Mileage fee

Repeat Business deliveries: 

You will be billed based on a Net, and 1st time customers will prepay for our services on the first month. 

Prices vary depending if you are a business or individual.

Contact us to get more information! 

Why use us as your courier service?

We are a local company based out of Northern Kentucky, we are more personal and know our way around the region. We are dedicated in making our customer satisfied with our services, and most important we are a small business! 

What can we transport?

Anything that is non hazardous, non waste, and anything that is legal within the state and federal. 

Contact us for more information

If you like to contacts us on any questions you have, feel free to email: or on our contact us form